Thomas Sundberg


There are a lot of different resources on the net that describe a lot of different problems. But it is common that they are outdated, they don’t solve the problem I want to solve, they doesn’t solve the entire problem or the solution is just plain bad. So I decided to contribute in a small way with some more stuff that will be outdated, will solve another problem then you need solved or contains a solution that you feel could be better.

I am an open source guy and a way to contribute to the open source community is to work on an open source project. Another way is to create examples on how open source tools can be used.

Another reason why I create these problems and show a solution is because I can. It happens that I get a question “Why do you do that?” and the answer is sometimes “Because I can”.

I’m an engineer, I really don’t need a reason to solve a problem, I like solving problems and will do it as often as I get the chance. If I don’t have a problem, then I might create one so I have something fun to fiddle with.

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