Thomas Sundberg

July 17, 2015

Tell, don’t ask

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Objects that expose wrong information are complicated to work with. They force you to dig for the information you really need. It is easy to create a model where the users are expected to know a lot about the domain and therefore force them to dig deep into an object structure to get the information they currently need. This can be avoided if you strive for telling objects what to do and only ask them occasionally.


December 30, 2011

How many train wrecks are lurking in your code?

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Train accidents are mostly considered to be bad things. People tend to get hurt when trains have accidents. Never the less, it is not so uncommon with train wrecks in software development.

Train wreck code is code that calls a method on the return value of another method call. This chain can be very long if a value is excavated deep down in a object graph.


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